How Do I Start A Family Hurricane Plan?

So how do you start planning for your family in the event of a hurricane?

I suggest two essential things to do at the beginning of any hurricane plan.

First, make sure every family member knows how to communicate with one another if normal means of communication are knocked out. In my case, my wife and I live in Miami and our three children are away at college. I have given each family member a list with our out of town emergency contact information on it. Our emergency contact information includes an out of town relative’s name along with his home and cell phone numbers, address and email address. If my family members can’t contact each other! directly through normal means for whatever reason, we will do everything we can to get word of our status to our emergency contact.

Second, make sure that you know whether you live in an evacuation zone or not. If you do, you should know exactly where you will go to reach safety and how to get there. See my July 24th blog on “Know If You Live In An Evacuation Zone.”

Having a family hurricane plan in place now will greatly reduce the stress during any hurricane threat.

Help For Your Hurricane Plan

Some folks have asked what goes into making a hurricane plan. The hardest part is just getting started. Fortunately, there is help easily available. I suggest going to for free online hurricane planning


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