Becoming A FLASH Leader

On Tuesday, Governor Charlie Crist, Attorney General Bill McCollum, and the Florida Cabinet recognized the non-profit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc. – FLASH – for its commitment to helping Florida’s citizens prepare for and protect against disasters such as hurricanes. The Florida Cabinet adopted a resolution presented by Attorney General McCollum declaring the week of August 27th as the Tenth Annual Federal Alliance for Safe Homes Week to raise public awareness of the free disaster safety information and referral services the organization offers.

As part of the celebration, FLASH President and CEO Leslie Chapman-Henderson announced the addition of two nationally acclaimed scientists to the organization’s Leadership Partner roster. As WPLG Hurricane Specialist and former National Hurricane Center Director I was honored to be chosen as one of those scientists. The other scientist joining FLASH is Ernst “Ernie” Kiesling, Ph.D., creator of the tornado safe room, Executive Director of the National Storm Shelter Association, and Professor of Civil Engineering at Texas Tech University.

I fully believe in FLASH’s mission of promoting disaster-resistant homes. Stronger homes not only help save lives, but they reduce the costs we all pay in the wake of disasters such as hurricanes. Check out


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