W.O.W. – $10 Million

Congratulations to Florida International University’s (FIU) International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) on being awarded $10 million in state funds that will be used primarily to upgrade the IHRC’s Wall of Wind (W.O.W.).  The upgraded W.O.W. project will allow full-scale structural testing to determine inherent weaknesses of structures when subjected to hurricane-force winds.  The W.O.W. testing facility will be able to simulate the winds of a Category 4 hurricane and will be located in a hangar type building at FIU’s Engineering Center in west Miami-Dade County.

Carolyn Robertson, Assistant Director of the IHRC, says she is really excited about the funding and is looking forward to developing industry partnerships to further examine new technologies, designs and products to mitigate the effects of hurricanes.  Robertson hopes to see the upgraded system operational within six months.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a home in South Florida and have someone tell us that it is built to withstand a major hurricane?  Perhaps the W.O.W. can make that possible.


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