Don’t Forget to Protect Doors

I am pleased to have finally gotten accordion shutters on my windows (and so is my wife!).  But doors are also vulnerable components of your home that can fail during a hurricane.  If the envelope of your home is penetrated anywhere – windows, entry doors or garage doors – bad things can happen when the wind gets inside.


My front door, side entry door, garage doors, and French patio doors were all replaced after Hurricane Andrew.  However, much stronger doors are now manufactured compared to what was available sixteen years ago, and I have upgraded or protected them all.


You should always have at least two ways to exit your home so I decided to replace my front and side entry doors rather than shutter them.  Garage doors are particularly vulnerable to high winds, so they have also been upgraded.  And accordion shutters now cover my French patio doors.  All of these new doors and shutters are designed to withstand high winds and wind-borne debris. 


I have a sense of security knowing that all of my window coverings and doors (or door coverings) carry the much desired Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance. 


There is a wealth of information available to a homeowner wanting to research the best way to protect their home.  Some of my favorite websites that I have used extensively include, and and


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