A Good Feeling

In case you have been keeping up with my hurricane preparations, I am proud to report that my new accordion shutters, entry doors, and garage doors all passed inspection by Miami-Dade County today. 


I want to practice what I preach about hurricane preparedness.  I did my homework and selected a highly respected company to do the installation on my doors and window coverings.  They did exactly what was in the contract and they stuck to the schedule except for a little rain delay.  Today, a Miami-Dade County building inspector showed up as scheduled and checked things out.  I walked around the house with him as he inspected each door and most of the shutters.  The inspector was professional and courteous.   I didn’t expect any problems to be found, but I was glad he took the time to take a close look anyway. 


Now my family and I will have a sense of security knowing that we have done what we can to protect the envelope of our home from a hurricane.  The Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance that came with each of these new products means that the shutters and doors should withstand high winds and wind-borne debris in a hurricane.  But I certainly hope that they don’t get tested anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “A Good Feeling

  1. Max,

    I’m glad your house is ready for the big storm. It’s kind of funny that an inspector from the government has to come out to make sure your installations are safe. I don’t know what’s bigger, a category 5 hurricane or America’s quasi-socialistic government? I love the blog Max!

    Until the next storm!


  2. Max,

    I’m glad you are setting a good example by preparing your house this hurricane season; but you’re the only person who can afford accordion shutters, entry doors and new garage doors! The middle class is falling out Max! My wife and I have been eating pasta and salt the past 2 nights. When the storm comes you’ll close your accordian shutters and I’ll close my blinds because that’s all that I can afford. I need government assistance Max!

  3. Glad to hear you have protected your window, door, and, garage door openings for the coming hurricane seasons. Your story reminds me, affectionately, of a story about long time NHC employee (deceased) Stanley Wright.

    Stanley, every June, for many years exclaimed that it is about time he installs shutters for his home in Country Walk. He kept putting it off, year after year, until one day in late May, 1992 he told me, “I finally decided it was REALLY time to order these shutters; I have a bad feeling about this season.

    On August 24th, Hurricane Andrew’s eyewall made landfall, sending gusts in the 150-175 mph range across Country Walk and surrounding areas. The brand new shutters on Stanley’s home all held up well and maintained their connection to the window frames and walls. BUT, the house collapsed. Turns out the whole development was almost wiped out due to a lack of proper building practices by the developer.

    I am sure you have checked into this probability, and your house will be fine; as I am sure you have had it inspected by reputable officials.

    But I do hope that the fact that you have just installed your shutters is not a gut-feeling forecast that the “big-one” is not about to visit S. Florida.

  4. I also had accordion shutters installed on my home in 2008. As part of ‘MySafeFloridaHome’, I was able to recoup 50% of the cost. I’ve always had shutters to protect the windows, but they took about 5 hours to put up (alum panels). Now it takes all of about 20 minutes to close up the whole house. I even have accordion shutters for all three doors, and a hurricane resistant garage door as well. It really gives me peace of mind. These accordion shutters are Miami/Dade Co. approved. This improvement also save me money on my hurricane insurance premium after a ‘Wind Mitigating Inspection’ was submitted to my insurance company.

    Hoping and praying the USA doesn’t experience any major hurricanes this year.

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