My Safe Florida Home Program Nearing Goal

The My Safe Florida Home Program web site ( now states that the program is on schedule to meet the Florida Legislature’s goal of 400,000 free wind inspections by early August.  Inspections are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible homeowners.  Once the goal of 400,000 inspections has been reached, the program will no longer be accepting new applications.


I am a tremendous supporter of this program which helps Floridians identify how they can strengthen their homes against hurricanes and to reduce hurricane damage exposure in our state.  You must apply and obtain approval in order to receive the free inspection.  Requesting or obtaining an inspection does not guarantee or automatically qualify you for a grant.  Floridians whose homes have undergone wind certification and hurricane mitigation inspections approved by the Department of Financial Services may be eligible to apply for matching grants up to $5,000.


This is a tremendous incentive to make your home stronger for hurricanes.  If you qualify, I strongly encourage homeowners to apply for this program as soon as possible before acceptance of applications ends.


The web site also states that Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink “is asking the Legislature to consider continued funding for the My Safe Florida Home Program to help serve additional homeowners.  Interested Floridians can express their support for additional funding for this program by contacting their local legislative officials.”  In my opinion, this program offers one of the best returns on investment the state has made in years.


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