Don’t Forget Prescription Medicines

I remember going to St. Martin in the Leeward Islands after Hurricane Lenny in 1999 to participate in a damage survey.  Lenny was the fifth category 4 hurricane of the 1999 season and made landfall on St. Martin as a category 3 hurricane.  The local media reported the story of a lady who had grown tired of recent preparedness drills during Tropical Storms and/or Hurricanes Marilyn (1995), Luis (1995), Iris (1995), Hortense (1996), Bertha (1996), Georges (1998), and Jose (1999).  This lady was understandably stressed out, and she claimed that she simply couldn’t deal with another hurricane.  Her plan for Hurricane Lenny was to take some sleeping pills, sleep through the hurricane, and then wake up after the hurricane had moved through.  The lady did take the pills and slept for 24 hours straight.  Unfortunately, Lenny nearly stalled as it approached St. Martin.  The lady woke up with the hurricane still bearing down on the island.  This was obviously a horrible plan to deal with a hurricane.


It is important, however, to make sure you have a supply of any medicines or prescription drugs that you routinely take.  Most hurricane supply checklists will say that you should have a two-week to one-month supply along with a copy of prescriptions.  People who participate in a mail order pharmacy program can usually get an extra supply of prescription drugs during the hurricane season even if it is not time to reorder – just as you can get an extra supply if planning to go on an extended vacation.  You should be able to simply explain the reason for the need to have extra medications on hand.


A little planning in advance can at least lessen some of the stress that accompanies every hurricane.


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