Know If You Live In An Evacuation Zone

Surveys taken in Texas after Hurricane Ike revealed that many people didn’t know if they lived in an evacuation zone.  This is critical information for everyone’s hurricane plan. 

The Broward County Hurricane Evacuation Map can be found at

The Miami-Dade County Hurricane Evacuation Map can be found at

Information on evacuations in Monroe County can be found at

If you do live in an evacuation zone, you should know exactly where you will go to reach safety and how to get there.  I always suggest that you evacuate the shortest distance possible.  For example, if you live on Miami Beach you should evacuate elsewhere within Miami-Dade County outside of the evacuation zone if possible rather than drive to some place like Orlando.  You should always evacuate tens of miles rather than hundreds of miles whenever possible.  A Mason-Dixon Poll released today revealed that 25% of the people surveyed in hurricane vulnerable areas responded that they would evacuate as far as possible from the storm.  In most cases, that is the wrong thing to do.  Driving farther than necessary only adds to the traffic congestion.  Evacuating to a safe place as close to home as possible also makes sense because you will want to go back to your home to check on it as soon as the all clear is given by local officials.


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