Help with Hurricane Preparedness

Today, Hurricane Preparedness Week is focused on being prepared.  You need to develop a family plan and create a disaster supply kit.  The plan should include knowing exactly where you will go to seek safe shelter as well as securing your home.  And don’t forget to include your pets in your hurricane plan.

The hardest part of making a hurricane plan is just getting started.  Fortunately, there are some excellent web sites out there to help in getting prepared.  My favorites include from the Florida Division of Emergency Management and  from the National Hurricane Center.  Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe County Emergency Management web sites also have excellent information on hurricane preparedness.

Courtesy of the Florida Division of Emergency Management

Courtesy of the Florida Division of Emergency Management


One thought on “Help with Hurricane Preparedness

  1. Hi max, Here we go again in florida with another hurricane season and every year is different when it comes to the tropics but I do hope people are taking this year seriously because it might be a normal or below normal year for activity, but it doesn’t mean somebody is not going to get a hit from a hurricane simply because 1992 with hurricane andrew and a lot of people remember what happen with there being a extremely below average year and that one storm that changed the lives of so many people in south florida and that storm probably still the most historical event in our community and so with that all citizens not only in florida should be prepare and have a plan just in case a hurricane does come and also max I know nobody know this but in miami we all know that we are overdue for a major hurricane and last time that happen was of course andrew back in 1992 and I heard on average that miami gets a catergory 5 every 9 years and now it’s been 17 years I mean we been pretty lucky down here but is our time running out and that the big one is coming sooner than we all think I know it sounds crazy but it’s reality and everyone that lives in miami knows we are overdue it’s just my opinion but you have to wonder.

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