Something New

I have previously posted blogs on the importance of keeping the wind out of your home during a hurricane.  Window and door protection is extremely important.  But complete protection requires more.

My home experienced the northern edge of Hurricane Andrew’s eyewall in 1992.  I had window protection and thankfully, all of my windows stayed intact.  But I had a fair amount of wind-blown water come into the attic through my soffit vents which eventually resulted in mold and mildew damage.  According to the Hurricane Retrofit Guide at, “…gable end vents and soffit failures are the two main areas in the ventilation system that routinely let water into your attic.”  Recently, a considerable amount of testing has been done on ways to prevent wind and water from entering exposed soffit, gable, and other roof ventilation vents during hurricanes.

Near the end of last hurricane season, I purchased soffit vent covers that can be easily attached to all of my soffit vents prior to the strong winds of a tropical storm or hurricane.

Soffit Vent Without Cover

Soffit Vent Without Cover

Soffit Vent With Cover

Soffit Vent With Cover

The above pictures show what my soffit vents look like with and without the cover.  It is important to note that the soffit vent covers come with the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance.

Anything done to keep the wind and water out of your home is a good thing.  And testing indicates that covering the soffit and gable vents will also help reduce uplift forces on the roof during a hurricane.  I encourage you to do an internet search on “soffit vent covers for hurricanes” to find out additional information.


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