July Formation Points

In June we typically look for tropical storm formation in the Gulf of Mexico, Western Caribbean Sea and off the Southeast United States coast.  We look for development in those areas during the month of July as well, but we also start looking to the east over the tropical Atlantic.  The developments over the tropical Atlantic come from tropical waves that emerge off the coast of African every three or four days.  The graphic below shows the formation points of tropical storms during the month of July from the National Hurricane Center’s historical data set.

July Formation Points 1851 to 2008

July Formation Points 1851 to 2008

The historical data set shows that 105 tropical storms have formed in July from 1851 through 2008.  Since the age of aircraft reconnaissance started in 1944, on average we have seen approximately one named storm form somewhere in the Atlantic Basin during July.  2005 had five storms form in July while many years have had no storms develop in this month.


One thought on “July Formation Points

  1. Thanks Max!
    This is awesome information as I am always wondering what is up and coming and probability. As a native sSouth Floridian I am also well aware that the history is just that as these storms are just so unpredictable. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do! Our community is so lucky to have you!

    Jessica Garvar
    Community Relations Director
    Jobing.com South Florida

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