Don’t Forget Prescription Medicines on Your Hurricane Checklist

One often overlooked item that should be on some people’s hurricane supply check list is prescription medicine.  Nearly every check list put out by county and state emergency management offices, the National Hurricane Center, and others say something about having enough prescription medicine on hand in case of a hurricane for those who are already on such medications.

After a major hurricane, it may be difficult to get prescriptions filled.  Most preparedness web sites suggest having enough medicine on hand to last a couple of weeks or a month.  Of course, you need to make sure the medicines will last that long.  For people who have medications with a 90 day or so supply, this is a good time to check to make sure you have enough to get through the peak of the hurricane season.  I have recently done this myself.

Some insurance companies only allow you to refill a prescription at certain times.  But if you explain why you want the refill, most companies will honor the request.  Such a request should be handled no differently than when you ask for a refill prior to going on an extended vacation and want to make sure you have enough medicine to get you through.


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