Will You Have Water After a Hurricane?

Near the top of everyone’s hurricane supply kit checklist is water.  You never know for sure if your water system is going to be operable after a hurricane.  And you don’t need a major hurricane to knock out your water system.  For example, there was a boil water recommendation for Miami Beach after Hurricane Wilma.  That hurricane brought category 1 and 2 winds to the southeast Florida coast. 

Most checklists say you should store at least one gallon of water for drinking purposes per person per day for three days to two weeks.  I buy some drinking water to keep on hand, but I really prefer the relatively new collapsible containers for storing large quantities of water.  I have a couple of these containers that store 5 gallons each and fit in a sink, and one container that holds 55 gallons and fits in my bathtub.  In the long run, these containers will be more economical than buying gallon jugs of water.  You can find some of the available products by doing an online search on “hurricane water storage.”

I also freeze as much water as possible in two-liter soda jugs.

Remember that extra water is needed for food preparation and personal hygiene.  And don’t forget your pets.


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