Goodbye Ida

Tropical Storm Ida made landfall early this morning with the center moving inland over the Alabama coast.  The system has now lost all tropical characteristics and is what is called an “extratropical” cyclone.  That just means that the cyclone looks more like a winter-time low than it does a tropical cyclone.  The center is over the western Florida panhandle but the biggest concern for the next couple of days will be heavy rains over portions of the southeastern U.S.

Elsewhere, we are monitoring a non-tropical low pressure area over the central Atlantic located about 500 miles south-southeast of Bermuda.  According to the National Hurricane Center, there is a low chance, less than 30 percent, of this system becoming a tropical or subtropical cyclone during the next 48 hours.  Even if this system does develop, it will most likely turn northward and get closer to Bermuda than it does to South Florida. 

Here in South Florida, we are expecting a good chance of rain on Wednesday but will finally get some cooler and drier air into the area after that.  Let us hope that Ida was the end of the hurricane season.


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