Make Sure Your Hurricane Shutters Are Operational

Some of you may be wondering if I followed up on Friday’s blog and checked my hurricane shutters this weekend.  I did.  The first thing I did was to blow out the leaves and other debris from the tracks on my accordion shutters.

Blowing debris out of shutter tracks

Blowing debris out of shutter tracks

Next, I made sure that the thumb screws (that hold the metal locking rods) worked properly.  I sprayed a little white lithium grease on the thumb screws, making sure any excess spray was wiped off.  I’m told that petroleum jelly works just as well. ]

Lubricating shutter thumb screws

Thankfully, all of my shutters closed with ease.  If they had not done so, I was prepared to lubricate the rollers (at the top) as needed.  There is some debate over the best lubricant to use.  Some say that spraying white lithium grease is the way to go.  My shutter company has used this for 15 years and never had a problem.  Others say that the lithium grease tends to attract dirt and gum up, and recommend using silicone spray.  I suggest contacting your shutter company and follow their lead.  If you still have a warranty on your shutters, you will want to do whatever the manufacturer recommends.

I also lubricated all the locks on the shutters (just as I would lubricate the locks on the doors on my house) and tested them.  I’m not looking forward to using the shutters this hurricane season, but at least I know that mine are operational if they do need to be closed.

No matter what kind of shutters you have, it is a good idea to make sure you know where all the parts are and that the shutters are functioning properly.  And that should be done well in advance.


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