Miami Chamber of Commerce Urges Business Owners to Prepare for the Hurricane Season

While residents in portions of Texas and northeastern Mexico brace for Hurricane Alex, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness event today.  I had the honor of joining a panel of speakers who take preparedness very seriously.  The panel message that came through loud and clear was that every business should have a plan of action that is commensurate with its need, just as every individual should have an appropriate and executable preparedness plan.

Panel Moderator and Speakers

Panel moderator Kevin Levy (Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce) and speakers Mary Wong (President of the Office Depot Foundation), Curt Sommerhoff (Miami-Dade County Director of Emergency Management), Kendall Peterson (Vice President of Terremark), and Max Mayfield (WPLG-TV Hurricane Specialist).

Miami-Dade County Emergency Management Director Curt Sommerhoff discussed an internet application called the Business Continuity Information Network (BCIN) that assists the timely exchange of information between the private and public sectors.  The BCIN website at states that “studies have shown that businesses risk failure if they are unable to reopen quickly after a disaster.  To reduce these risks and improve communications within the business community, Florida International University has developed the Business Continuity Information Network (BCIN, pronounced “bee-kin”) a web-based service where local businesses, county emergency management, and organizations that assist businesses can gather to share critical information and support continuity efforts before, during and after a disaster.  Available year round as a public service, this trusted, business-to-business, community network provides participating companies a tool to track their key employees and supply chain status, and locate needed recovery goods and services.”

The initial BCIN provides coverage of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties.  See the BCIN website to read how it works and to register for an account.


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