Hurricane Housecall on preparing your boat for a hurricane

A Local 10 viewer emailed me saying he missed our Hurricane Housecall on preparing your boat for a hurricane and asked if it would be repeated.  The good news is that our housecalls can be found on our website at

Trent, Bob Stearns, Max and Bill during Hurricane Housecall

On that particular housecall on preparing your boat, we interviewed Bob Stearns – a very knowledgeable boater and fisherman.  I had previously met Bob at a hurricane preparedness talk at the Tropical Anglers’ Club.   Bob has an extremely interesting background, having received a degree in meteorology from FSU, forecasted hurricanes as a Navy weather officer, and flown hurricane reconnaissance with both the Navy and NOAA as well as having been a research associate on a hurricane project at the UM.  Bob has written numerous articles for fishing and sporting publications. 

The Homeowner's Hurricane Handbook by Bob Stearns

In addition, Bob has recently written The Homeowner’s Hurricane Handbook which gives numerous tips on making hurricane preparations.  Bob’s tips are excellent and come from someone who has had a lot of experience with hurricanes.

The viewer also asked if I could get some of Bob Stearns’ GPS coordinates to his favorite fishing spots.  I suspect that we would have to be family members or very close friends of Bob and in good standing for several decades before he coughed those up.


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