Remembering Hurricane Andrew

August 24th is the 18th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew’s landfall in southern Miami-Dade County.  Andrew was one of only three category 5 hurricanes to hit the United States and resulted in 15 direct deaths and up to one-quarter million people left temporarily homeless in Miami-Dade County alone.  U.S. damage estimates total nearly 60 billion in today’s dollars.

GOES satellite image of Hurricane Andrew at landfall (landfall pressure has since been revised to 922 mb)

The last radar image taken from NHC before the WSR-57 radar was blown off the roof (image provided by NOAA's Hurricane Research Division)

Since Andrew, hurricane forecasting has improved, building codes are stronger, and government emergency plans have been updated.  But if individuals don’t take personal responsibility to develop their own hurricane plan, then we are destined to repeat some of our previous mistakes.

Hurricane Danielle is over the mid tropical Atlantic and currently not forecast to threaten land…but we are in the peak of the hurricane season so let’s dust off those hurricane plans and make sure we can execute them before the next hurricane heads this way.


One thought on “Remembering Hurricane Andrew

  1. Mr. Mayfield, delighted to find you again! I recall and miss your remarkable hurricane reporting, however, will book mark your site for frequent review. Still paying attention in Stuart. Glad you did not retire….

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