Tropical Storm Igor

Meteosat image of Tropical Storm Igor (2:00 pm EDT September 8, 2010)

The satellite image above shows Tropical Storm Igor centered just south of the southern Cape Verde Islands at 2:00 pm EDT September 8th.  Several people have commented on the name Igor.  Some like it and some don’t. 

Atlantic tropical storm names are chosen each year from one of six pre-determined lists.  Names from a given list are reused every six years unless a name is retired as a result of extensive damage and/or loss of life from that tropical cyclone.  Replacement names are chosen by members of the World Meteorological Organization’s Regional-IV Hurricane Committee.  There are 26 members of the committee, primarily Directors of National Meteorological Services from countries in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the United States.  I was honored to serve as Chairman of the Hurricane Committee from 2000 through 2006.

The name Igor was selected by the regional Hurricane Committee after Hurricane Ivan was retired from the 2004 list due to extensive damage and loss of life caused by Ivan as it passed through the Caribbean and made landfall as a major hurricane on the Gulf coast of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.


2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Igor

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  2. Now that we might have a germinating Julia SE Carib –
    what do you think it’s potentials will be?
    J Masters thinks it is potentially dangerous…

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