Climatological Peak of Atlantic Hurricane Season

Typical Atlantic Hurricane Season Activity

The figure above shows the climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season to be around September 10-12.  This peak holds for tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes.  I’m always glad to get to the peak, but the graph indicates there is typically a lot of activity yet to come after the peak.

La Niña conditions persist in the equatorial Pacific and are expected to persist throughout this hurricane season and into 2011.  And the sea surface temperatures remain well above normal over the Main Development Region between African and Central America.

The forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have been writing advisories on one tropical cyclone or another in the Atlantic basin every single day since August 21st.  History and current ocean conditions suggest they have a lot of advisories yet to write for this season.


One thought on “Climatological Peak of Atlantic Hurricane Season

  1. Max,

    We love your blog and would like to link it to the Midland page. You are always so timely and informative with your posts. Nice graphics too!

    Thank you,

    Bruce Thomas
    Chief Meteorologist
    Midland Radio Corporation

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