October Tropical Cyclone Climatology

The month of September was extremely active in the Atlantic Basin with eight tropical storms.  Four of those eight storms became hurricanes and three of the hurricanes were major hurricanes.  Those numbers are well above the long-term averages for September.

October Formation Points 1851 to 2009

This graphic shows the formation points of 280 tropical storms during the month of October from the National Hurricane Center’s historical data set extending from 1851 to 2009.  During the satellite era starting in 1966, the Atlantic has averaged 1.8 tropical storms of which 1.0 became a hurricane during this month. October developments are most concentrated over the western Caribbean and also over the Atlantic in the vicinity of the Bahamas. 

It’s nice to know the averages, but what really counts is where the tropical cyclones make landfall and how strong the impacts are from them.  Note that the record shows Florida having more major hurricanes in October than in August.   Wilma in 2005 is a recent reminder.


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