The Battle Against the Hurricane is Won Outside the Hurricane Season

National Hurricane Preparedness Week poster

One of the things I was proud of while serving as Director of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) was the establishment of the National Hurricane Preparedness Week.  I’m glad to see this has been continued by the NHC.  This year, Hurricane Preparedness Week extends from today through Saturday (May 22-28).  The idea is to get people preparing for the upcoming hurricane season before a tropical cyclone threat occurs.  This year, some neat Public Service Announcements can be seen on YouTube.  A different PSA can be viewed each day at

A different topic is covered each day of the week.  Today’s topic covered some basics including the fact that the NOAA seasonal hurricane outlook, while interesting, cannot tell you where or when the hurricanes will occur.  The next three days cover storm surge, high winds, and tornadoes.  Thursday talks about the team effort involved in the hurricane program.  And the week ends with a focus on preparing a plan that is executable.

Don’t wait for the next hurricane to come knocking on your door before you start getting prepared.


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