Get a Hurricane Plan

Today is the last day of National Hurricane Preparedness Week.  It is also the last day of Florida Hurricane Preparedness Week.  The main goal of this week has been to urge individuals to take personal responsibility for their family’s hurricane preparedness.

During this past week, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, along with Federal, local, and private-sector partners, conducted simulated emergency response efforts and helped manage its yearly hurricane exercise.  The State Emergency Response Team tested its capability to conduct operations at a secondary site in case the Tallahassee Emergency Operations Center ever becomes inoperable due to a disaster.  Exercise participants traveled to the state’s alternate emergency coordination facility at Camp Blanding, FL to manage the simulated hurricane exercise.

Florida officials are taking hurricane preparedness seriously.  But this will be in vain unless individuals prepare as well.  A lot of us will go to home improvement stores to pick up needed items for this long Memorial Day weekend.  I encourage you to also take your hurricane supply list with you and add any missing items to your supply kit.


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