June Formation Points

June Formation Points (1851-2010)

The above graphic shows the formation points of 81 tropical (and subtropical) storms that have formed in the month of June since 1851.  Preferred regions this early in the season include the western Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and just off the southeast coast of the U.S.  On average, we see a named storm form about every other year over the Atlantic Basin during the month of June.  That is true for both the reconnaissance era (starting in 1944) and the satellite era (starting in 1966).

Some of the global computer models have been indicating development of low over the western Caribbean during the next few days.  Upper-level conditions are not conducive for development at the moment but should become a little more favorable in a couple of days.  If a tropical cyclone does develop in this area, steering currents are forecast to remain weak over the next few days and little movement is expected.



One thought on “June Formation Points

  1. Hi Max. Well, it’s that time of year again. I’ve heard a lot of people talking that because of all the weather-related natural disasters that have claimed so many lives over the past few months (tsunami/earthquake, floods and now the rash of deadly tornadoes) that the hurricane season will be deadly as well. I don’t know how these people come to this conclusion but is there anything that links those weather events to the hurricane season? Thanks Max.

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