Feel the Force: Hurricanes and Other Hazards

Saturday June 11 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, the Miami Science Museum is sponsoring the second annual Feel the Force:  Hurricanes and Other Hazards.  This is a FREE event and would be a great place for a family to spend some time together.

Creative and challenging activities are designed to raise awareness of the many hazards South Floridians face and educate residents on how to best prepare for emergencies of all types.   Miami-Dade County Emergency Management Director Curt Sommerhoff and I will be speaking on hurricane preparedness at 11:00 am, followed by several other speakers and hands-on exhibits.  The event is sponsored by FIU’s International Research Center, Florida’s State Emergency Response Team, and Miami-Dade County Emergency Management.

A few pictures (provided from FIU’s Erik Salna) from last year’s Feel the Force event are below.  Click on thumbnails to expand images.

House built by kids (2010)

mini Wall of Wind testing for kids (2010)





Kids practiced being a TV Weathercaster in the Hurricane Broadcast Center (2010)


Air Cannon shoots 2x4 into hurricane shutters (2010)


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