Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As WPLG-TV’s Hurricane Specialist, I often write blogs on hurricane preparedness.  Today, the tropics are quite and I don’t see anything on the horizon that could result in a tropical storm during the next few days.  Given that Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, I thought about some of the great gifts that my kids have given me over the years that went into my hurricane supply kit.  You might get some good gift ideas for Dad from our Hurricane Survival Guide’s Supply Kit Checklist.

Some of my favorite items include battery or solar powered lanterns, battery powered NOAA Weather Radio that also can be hand-cranked if the power remains out for extended periods and you run out of batteries, car charger for mobile phone, hand-crank flashlights (some even come with a built-in radio), carbon-monoxide detectors, and battery operated digital TV with car charger adapter.  You might even bundle some of these and other items together in an ice chest/cooler.  Dad will thank you during the next hurricane threat.

Hurricane Supply Kit Checklist for the Home

So if you need gift ideas for Dad on this Father’s Day, one suggestion is to take your hurricane supply kit checklist with you and head to a home supply store.  Local 10’s entire 2011 Hurricane Survival Guide with a Supply Kit Checklist can be found on www.Local10.com and http://www.JustWeather.com.


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