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  1. Hi,

    I had a question about tropical storm bertha are you 100% sure it’s not going to become hurricane bertha and also can you tell me if it might not make the north west turn out into the atlantic?


  2. hi max, im just wondering why the schools are closed tomorrow if we dont know what is happening just yet and how soon will we know whats going on. thankyou

  3. Mr. Mayfield,

    I have a question regarding Gustav. I have reservations from Miami to New Orleans leaving 8/28 and returning on 9/2. With the projected path I’ve seen in the last satellite picture on the Storm website, there’s a high probability that it will go to N.O. What are your thoughts and your advise? As of now, the airline is not refunding the money or making any changes unless there’s a watch or warning. I’m afraid to travel and get stuck there if Gustav hits LA.

    Thanks for your time,

  4. Dear Sir
    Although we moved to West Palm Beach after Andrew, we still watch WPLG each evening and glad to see you on board there as well.
    Question: are we safe to leave our home and cats(housesitter here) this Labor Day weekend while we fly to Boston, Mass? we are scheduled to leave august 29th and return back to west palm beach monday, sept 1 in the afternoon. Will there be winds in the area which could cause delays in our flight? we fly up every other weekend during the summer. our cats are important. we don’t want to fly up and then have to be frantic about getting back.
    thank you Max

  5. I have a couple of questions. 1. Why are weather alerts at 5 & 11, am & pm? 2. Does it have to do with high & low tides? 3. What’s the criteria for a hurricane name to be retired? 4. Which year currently has the most retired names? Finally, 5. Do you think 2008 will beat that previous record?

  6. Mr Mayfield, I just wanted to say thanks for your years of service. Living in a hurricane prone area, It was always reassuring to know that my family had heeded your advice about storm prep. Here in Florida, we often get an “October surprise” originating in the Caribbean. This usually happens about every other year or so. They are often associated with the first few cold fronts stalling just to our south interacting with Caribbean moisture. The last such system was Wilma in 2005 so we are overdue. Fay was a similar event but was way too early. Some of the long range computer models are suggesting that next week. That is why I thought your “October not over” post was such a good point.

  7. Max:

    I came across your Blog and your “new” line of work.


    We met with Will Schaffer and Jimmy Eberwine last week to go over some Cape May County, NJ coastal stuff.

    I resurrected a picture of a class that was held at the Coral Gables site shortly after Hurricane Andrew.

    We were reminissing about the dinner we had in Marathon at the Italian restaurant that is now closed.

    Bev and I get to Florida in March so maybe we will track you down and have lunch.

    Be well.

    Frank McCall

  8. Mr. Mayfield,

    Since I’ve lived through Andrew and Wilma, I take hurricane season seriously and have already prepared for this season. However, I have a question regarding the NOAA radio and battery powered TV’s I purchased a few years ago. Now that the country is switching over to “digital” TV in June, will these TVs and my NOAA radio work during a hurricane or national emergency since they are not “digital”? And will the news stations have to ability to switch back to analog or some other frequency in order to get emergency information out to the public? I would appreciate your answer to this question and any suggestions you may have to ensure I will not have to go purchase all new storm electronics. Thank you, Julie

  9. Hello Mr MAX MAYFIELD i am very happy for contact to
    you again grettings for you and your family from ISLA COZUMEL EN MEXICO

  10. Hello Mr. Mayfield. I would like to know how long should the emergency generator work at my Condo on the beach. I think it powers the elevators, electronic key system, and phones. Someone told me a week but I thought it was two weeks. I asked our building engineer and he said it runs on diesel fuel.

  11. Hello, I noticed you had a recollection of Hurricane Andrew on your blog, however having survived Hugo and had a baby within the storm, I must say that hugo has gone unnoticed. Hugo was a much bigger storm and caused much more havoc, although Andrew was noted as being costly (probably due to hitting expensive So Florida). Can you please list Hugo on here since there are some of us to survive a Category 5, yes “5”, hurricane. Thank you.

  12. Dear Mr. Mayfield:

    I have been following hurricanes for over 15 years living in both Key West and Miami. I believe that there is some flaw in the computer model variables and/or formulae possibly involving the coriolis effect. After viewing every satellite image available to me, I do not see how Earl can possibly turn as far north as the models project. It seems to me that South Carolina has a much greater chance of getting hit than is forecasted.

  13. Mr. Mayfield,

    I have been following the coverage of Hurricaine Earl on the Weather Channel. I understand the storm track will most likely take Earl directly over the Cape Cod region during the next 48 hours. I have also heard that there is some discrepency as to the speed and angle of the jet stream traveling from the midwest. Is it possible that Long Island could take a direct hit from Earl, given the variables?

    Alex Cipuzak

  14. I saw the great visit to Jim Hirschman and his radios piece last night. I want to share it but it hasn’t shown online, that I can find.

    Don Morris
    Miami-Dade Skywarn Coordinator
    Miami-Dade Emergency Net Manager

  15. Sir,
    I had the honor of meeting you at the National Hurricane Conference in 2008. It may sound cheesy but it was an honor to meet one of my heros there. I wanted to thank you for your service. I have been a weather enthusiast since I was a child like most and at 15 I started volunteering with rescue groups. I’m now 37 and still involved. If you are ever in the Nashville area I would love to ask if you could meet my group. I know they will be inspired by you as I was!

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